Hi, my name is Roxanne 👩‍💻

Greetings! I'm an emerging junior software developer with a distinct and diverse journey that enriches my approach to coding. After dedicating two years to the field of auditing, I embarked on a transformative path to become a software engineer. I deepened my technical prowess by undertaking an immersive three-month software engineering course at General Assembly, where I acquired a solid foundation in programming languages, software design, and problem-solving techniques. My journey into the world of software development was ignited by my love for problem-solving and creating elegant solutions. Transitioning from the world of auditing to coding might seem like a leap, but my meticulous attention to detail and analytical mindset have proven to be invaluable assets in both domains. Beyond my tech pursuits, I've also had the incredible honor of serving as a Sepaktakraw referee for prestigious events like the Asian Games and international invitation games. This role has allowed me to hone my communication and decision-making skills under pressure while contributing to the success of world-class sporting events. With my diverse background and unwavering enthusiasm, I'm excited to continue pushing boundaries and crafting innovative software solutions that make a lasting impact. Please feel free to email me or connect with me via LinkedIn